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Geobunga Hosts Free Aquaponic Gardening Workshop, May 5 | Events

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Geobunga Hosts Free Aquaponic Gardening Workshop, May 5
Geobunga Hosts Free Aquaponic Gardening Workshop, May 5

Learn how to grow your own organic produce and fresh fish through this informational seminar presented by Charlie Palumbo, Owner of Aquapono.  Palumbo has more than 40 years experience in designing and building both commercial and residential aquaponic gardens, and will teach workshop attendees how to design, build and maintain your own system too.

The symbiotic relationship of fish, beneficial microorganisms, and plants in an ammonia-nitrogen conversion cycle is the basis of the system that circulates water from the fish tank into the grow bed, showering the plants with fertilizer created by the fish waste.  Pineapple, mint, basil, cherry tomatoes, green onion, spinach, Chinese parsley, bok choy, Hawaiian chili peppers, manoa lettuce and more thrive in an aquaponic garden.

“It’s like mainlining fertilizer for the plants, allowing you to grow larger, more robust organic produce in a faster amount of time,” said Andrew Dedrick, Owner of Geobunga. “Meanwhile, the tilapia is raised in a clean environment, which can later be harvested and tastes quite good due to its pristine living environment.”

In addition to the lecture, Palumbo will have mini-garden ebb and flow kits available for sale for $100 the day of the seminar, that includes the tilapia fish, fish bin, grow bed, soil, fertilizer and piping. All components for delivering water and growing are food grade, and many of the tanks and tubs are made from recycled materials.  Geobunga will also offer solar water pumps for $100, allowing homeowners to run power to the system anywhere there is sun.

Geobunga turns the ordinary into extraordinary as Hawaii’s best resource for anyone looking to enhance their outdoor experience. Providing unique garden elements from around the world, Geobunga specializes in stone pavers and benches, decorative rocks, ceramic pots, fountains, and bamboo accents, including a variety of plants. With the best prices, selection and service in the state, each visit to Geobunga brings something new to discover.


WHEN: Saturday, May 5 at 9 a.m.

WHERE:Geobunga Outdoor Garden Center, 4299 Lawehana Street, Salt Lake (across from Target)

REGISTER:To ensure your seat for Geobunga's popular workshops, reservations are highly recommended. Please register for this free seminar at www.geobunga.com.

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